Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lysi and I spent two nights at River Island State Park near Parker, AZ. We had a grassy area that was right on the river for our tent. We just relaxed for a couple of days and did some reading, etc. We then travelled to Joshua Tree National Park where we spent Friday night.

We arrived at Jim's house in San Clemente yesteday afternoon. Last night we went to a Halloween party put on by the employees of Doheny State Beach. Jim has created a couple of entries that were pretty cool.

We will be here until next Saturday and then head home with overnights in Sacramento and Reno.

Lysi and I had great fun and saw many awesome (in the true sense of the word) places.

This is probably the last post.

Blogging was harder than I had imagined primarily because most of our opportunities to get on the internet were in hotels and we spent the vast majority of our nights elsewhere. Also, it seems that when we were in a hotel, we were pretty tired and it was a struggle to get anything posted. Some hotels advertised wi-fi and did not have a very good connection.

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Becca said...

It's so neat to hear and see what/where you both have been!! Too fun! Drive safe and take care!! love you both ~ B & D