Saturday, October 18, 2008

Well, it's been a week since last I updated. We have seen Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyonlands (Island in the Sky District), Canyonlands (Needles District) and plan to be in Page, AZ tomorrow to visit Antelope Canyon.

We stayed two nights in Bryce, first in the tent (snug and mostly warm) and the second in a motel because snow was forecast and we were hoping for some snow on the hoodoos. Well, it did snow but not enough to stick so we moved on to Arches.

We did not have reservations for the campground in Arches so we spent the first night in Moab in a Kamper Kabin courtesy of KOA. Next morning we were at the visitor center at 7:00 am in order to get a campsite in the event that there had been cancellations or no-shows. Luck was with us and we got a site in one of the most beautiful and interesting campgrounds we've ever seen. Unfortunately, it was a site that was reserved for the next day so we had to uproot and move to another site the next morning. We stayed two more nights (they let us keep this one) and just had a ball visiting several of the 2000+ arches in the park. We probably saw 15 or so arches.

While in Arches, we took a day and went up the road to Canyonlands and did a lot of driving and looking over the edge. Sort of like the Grand Canyon but not nearly as big. Cool but nothing like Arches.

We left Arches yesterday and spent last night in Moab (Kamper Kabin again). Got up at a decent time (something we have not always been doing) and went to the other part of Canyonlands. Actually, there are three parts but The Maze District has very limited access with no paved roads and few 4W drive roads. This part of Canyonlands is known as The Needles District but you can't drive anywhere near the needles.

That is not a criticism, they have obviously decided to make this national park much less accessible to automobiles and how could I complain about that.

We are now in Monticello, UT. Look closely at your map, you might find it. We decided to go out for a nice dinner (you can chuckle here) and were debating between Maria's Authentic Mexican Food and The Lamplight. Since we had Mexican last night in Moab we opted for the latter and were all set to, hopefully, have a decent dining experience.

Best damn lamb shank I ever had. Middle of no where. From the soup to the coffee and desert, I'd put this place up against any steak house type eatery I've ever been to. Everything, except the dessert, was made on the premises. Two types of soup to choose from, both delicious. Lysi had prime rib and it was also very good. Guy even roasts his own coffee for gosh sakes!

We met the chef. He says he gets lots of surprised guests.

Well, hope I've made up for the last few days. Tomorrow we will try to get a tour of Antelope
Canyon in Page, AZ. That's the place that 11 European toursits died about 10 years ago when they ignored their guide's advice and went back down into the canyon.

It is also what you are seeing if you look at about 90% of the photos of slot canyons.

Goodbye for now.....

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