Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We left SV at about 10:00 am on Tuesday. We had planned to leave at 8 thinking that would surely get us out of there by 9. Well, you know how it goes. Arrived at Great Basin National Park around 5:00 pm, found a campsite, heated up some soup we had brought along, got the tent set up. etc.

As the sun went behind Wheeler Peak the temperature took a nose dive. Soon we were sitting in our tent reading, working crossword puzzles waiting for it to get late enough to go to bed, which it finally did so we settled in for the night. Did I mention that we had bought a couple of air mattresses to keep us off the cold, hard ground? They worked well for the hard part but not for the cold part. Air mattresses are not good insulators therefore they are good conductors. Since I was laying on my back, it would not be untruthful to say I froze my a.. off. Finally got something between me and the air mattress and then all was good.

Today, we drove up to within 3000 feet of the top of Wheeler Peak. A beautiful mountain, very spectacular especially compared to most of Nevada's mountains. There was still a good bit of fall color to be enjoyed.

Pushed on to Cedar City, UT and stopped at the local Chamber of Commerce to get info on campsites. Local KOA had just closed their tent sites because the nights are too cold. Could have told them that. So we rented a cabin. I asked the attendant what was inside the cabins, she said, "beds", and she was right. But just what we needed.

So here we sit on the front porch of the cabin trying to fulfill our promise to do the blog thing.

Tomorrow, Cedar Breaks and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

Talk soon......

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